2nd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Qingren Wang
Session Name Poster Session: Hydrologic, Biogeochemical and Ecological Processes 1
Category Hydrologic, biogeochemical and ecological processes
Poster Number 247
Author(s) Qingren Wang,  TREC/UFL-- Homestead
  Yuncong Li,  TREC/UFL-- Homestead
  Automatic Stations Setup and Surface Water Quality Monitoring in Everglades, Florida
  The poster displays how to set up automatic stations and procedures for surface water quality monitoring and implementation in the middle of Everglades, Florida. It mainly consists of the following sections: development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for sampling and chemical analysis; site selection and fundamental construction; power supply and essential equipment required for some water quality parameter in situ monitoring; flow measurement, data logger programming and storage, canal profile measurement, telecommunicating with AirLink, automatic sampler programming; procedures to collect grab samples and composite samples with flow proportional techniques; marsh area sampling skills, transportation, sample preservation and chemical analysis; quality control and assurance for low level of interested elements, especially phosphorus. It also provides some examples and general information in equipment selection and up-to-date knowledge and implementations for surface water quality monitoring continuously, flow proportional sampling challenges, chemical analyses, data processes, and preliminary results with general trends of phosphorus content for a long term (> 6 years) water quality monitoring project.