2nd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Robert Knight
Session Name Poster Session: Hydrologic, Biogeochemical and Ecological Processes 1
Category Hydrologic, biogeochemical and ecological processes
Poster Number 221
Author(s) Robert Knight,  Wetland Solutions, Inc.
  Engineered Wetlands for Mitigation of Groundwater Nitrate Contamination in Florida
  Nitrate nitrogen concentrations in the Floridan aquifer have reached excessive levels over much of the state due to rising anthropogenic nitrogen loads. While mostly below the drinking water standard of 10 mg/L, existing groundwater nitrate concentrations are more than 1 mg/L (about 50 times over background) under much of the state and are resulting in impairment of surface water resources and especially artesian springs and spring-fed rivers. A comprehensive effort will be needed to effectively lower nitrogen loads and to reduce elevated groundwater nitrate concentrations. Constructed treatment wetlands offer a viable, cost-effective alternative for reducing nitrogen loads from a variety of cultural practices such as stormwater management, municipal wastewater treatment and disposal, on-site sewage disposal systems, agricultural runoff control, and industrial/agricultural wastewater management systems. This presentation describes an overview of the issues related to nitrogen management in the state‚Äôs surface and groundwater resources and actual case histories indicating the technological and cost effectiveness of constructed wetlands to deal with these loads.