2nd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Mohammad Abutayeh
Session Name Poster Session: Managing Water and Energy in a Transitioning Environment 2
Category Managing water and energy in a transitioning environment
Poster Number 302
Author(s) Mohammad Abutayeh,  University of South Florida
  D. Yogi Goswami,  University of South Florida
  Elias Stefanakos, University of South Florida
  Sustainable Desalination
  A flash desalination process sustainable by the natural forces of solar radiation and gravity has been proposed. The proposed process involves flowing seawater through solar collectors upon flashing it under vacuum in an elevated chamber where the hydrostatic pressure of the elevated flash chamber is balanced by the atmospheric pressure of the ground holding tanks. Theoretical simulations were performed using a meticulous computer code built from the fundamental thermodynamic relationships setting it apart from previous empirical correlations of conventional flash desalination systems. In addition, experimental simulations were carried out to validate the developed model using a small pilot unit depicting the proposed desalination system.