2nd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Mengshan Lee
Session Name Poster Session: Optimal Use of Integrated Water Supplies 2
Category Optimal use of integrated water supplies
Poster Number 410
Author(s) Mengshan Lee,  Florida International University
  Berrin Tansel,  Florida International University
  Maribel Balbin, Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department
  Bhargavi Pathakamuri, Florida International University
  Wei Lee, Florida International University
  Miami-Dade Water Conservation Plan: Part I Senior Retrofit Program
  Senior retrofit program is one of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWASD) water use efficiency plans. MDWASD has implemented the plan for sustainable and healthy water resource management. The senior retrofit program started in late 2006, which offered low income senior families not only to save their water use but also to save money on their water bills by installing high efficiency appliances. A total of 423 senior families were selected to participate in the program. The data presented in this report are for the period from October, 2005 to September, 2008. The single family residences identified were retrofitted with high efficiency toilets, showerheads and aerators. The new model of dual flush toilets help customers save water by difference in water quantities used in each flush. For the showerheads, the new one has a flow rate of 1.5 GPM which could reduce water demand by at least 32% during 8 minutes at shower bases. Aerators were installed in kitchen and bathroom faucets and equipped with needle and bobble spray patterns, both of which hold consistent high pressure at lower water flows. For the senior families participating in this program, the average water consumption was reduced from 98.36 GPD in 2005 to 94.72 GPD in 2006 and to 81.36 GPD in 2007. The customers who constitute the top 10% of the highest water use in this group have reduced their average water use from of 403.67 GPD in 2005 to 322.12 GPD in 2007. The customers representing the 10% lowest water use also reduced their average water consumption from 18.29 GPD to 16.44 GPD in 2007. Relative to water use in year 2005, the overall water use decreased by 3.7% in 2006 and by 17.29% in 2007. The data indicate that the water savings in 2006 was not significant perhaps during the first year of program the customers needed to adjust to the new appliances and change their water use habits.