2nd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Joong Hyuk Min
Session Name Poster Session: Hydrologic, Biogeochemical and Ecological Processes 1
Category Hydrologic, biogeochemical and ecological processes
Poster Number 225
Author(s) Joong-Hyuk Min,  University of Florida
  James Jawitz,  University of Florida
  Water and Phosphorus Budget Modeling of a Historically Isolated Wetland in the Lake Okeechobee Basin: Management Scenario Evaluation
  Many of the historically isolated depressional wetlands in the Lake Okeechobee basin have been ditched and drained for agricultural purposes. The hydrologic and biogeochemical role of these wetlands as a runoff retention system has been highlighted in proposed restoration schemes to minimize export of phosphorus (P)-rich surface flow via the ditch/canal network from the upland cattle ranches to the downstream water bodies (i.e., Lake Okeechobee). This work develops and implements a hydrologic model-based framework to consider restoration (hydrologic manipulation) and predict P fate and transport in the wetland-upland ecosystem. A two-year water budget analysis was tested against the measured hydroperiod of a ditched depressional wetland of about 2 ha and integrated to a P mass balance model. Net P retention in the water column was simulated using first-order kinetics (k-C* model) and daily inlet and outlet P fluxes were calculated based on the simulated flow pathway quantifications. The integrated model was applied to evaluate multiple management scenario combinations based on two passive hydrologic manipulations (increased ditch outlet elevation and increased ditch backflow condition through downstream discharge control) and two active upland source control practices (fencing and direct manure removal at two different areal scales).