2nd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Justin Saarinen
Session Name Poster Session: Optimal Use of Integrated Water Supplies 2
Category Optimal use of integrated water supplies
Poster Number 420
Author(s) Justin A. Saarinen,  GIS Associates
  Tonya Simmons,  Simmons Environmental Consulting
  Rich Doty, GIS Associates
  Using GIS to Understand, Manage, and Project Water Demands
  This poster presentation illustrates how GIS appraisal data can be used to benchmark water use for comparison to customer information systems data. An illustration of how GIS data can be used to manage demand via conservation targeting, planning, and implementation tracking will is provided. Top water users are identified (based on benchmark use rather than total use) and water conservation plans are developed. Cost effectiveness evaluations are performed so that the cost to save water can be compared to the cost to develop alternative sources. Case studies will be presented as proof of concept.