2nd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Mary Kipp
Session Name Poster Session: Managing Water and Energy in a Transitioning Environment 1
Category Managing water and energy in a transitioning environment
Poster Number 307
Author(s) Eleanor Foerste,  UF/IFAS Osceola County Extension
  Jennison Kipp,  UF/IFAS Program for Resource Efficient Communities
  Pierce Jones, Director, UF/IFAS Program for Resource Efficient Communities
  Dave Bracciano, Tampa Bay Water
  Accounting for the Carbon Costs of Alternative Water Supplies in Florida
  Florida’s local governments and water utilities are faced with many challenges related to providing a sustainable water supply for a growing population. As freshwater availability for public supply declines, the demand for alternative sources grows. Costs associated with the development of alternative water supplies are extensive and varied, including permitting, capital, operation, maintenance and now, mitigation for greenhouse gases (GHG). This study looks at the energy-water nexus of alternative water supplies and calculates the carbon footprint of various supply strategies including surface water, reservoir (rainwater capture), desalination, reclaimed and groundwater pumping in one region of Florida. Data from Tampa Bay Water and others will be used to analyze the energy costs and carbon footprints of the various alternative water supply strategies. It provides a compelling argument for cost avoidance through conservation strategies including better land design practices to maintain native vegetation and drainage, low impact development (LID) as well as resource-efficient landscape design, plant material selection and irrigation.