4th UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Tanh Nguyen
Session Name Poster Session: Impact of changing drivers on water resources
Poster Number 43
Author(s) Tanh  Nguyen,  University of Florida (Presenting Author)
  Kati  Migliaccio,  University of Florida
  An approach for evaluation and screening of measured data for wetland hydrologic model
  Hydrologic models are used to evaluate a variety of water issues and depend on measured data either as input or to be used in parameter estimation and calibration. However, these measured data are uncertain. Modelers must decide how to include measured data uncertainty in their use of data as input and/or as calibration data. Thus, our objectives are to develop an approach for screening and validating both measured input and measured output calibration data and determine output sensitivity with and without validation. We used a wetland model as a “test scenario” to compare simulated output data using goodness-of-fit indices (Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency [NSE], ratio of the root mean square error to the standard deviation of measured data [RSR], and percent bias [PBIAS]). We also developed a protocol for evaluating measured input and tested the protocol. Study results showed that measured data without calibration resulted in reduced goodness-of-fit when comparing model predicted output to measured data and applying our protocol improved the ability to simulate a given system.