Poster Session and Student Competition Awards
Poster Session

A Poster session and reception was held on Tuesday evening. It was an interactive social time with drinks and appetizers to get people talking and discussing the interesting research, art and outreach work related to water. The evening showcased 72 posters including 60 students who competed in a Best Student Poster competition. See all poster abstracts by topic area by clicking on the topic area below. Student Competition Awards

60 students from six universities presented their work and competed for three prizes of $1000 to fund travel to conferences to present their work. We recruited 68 volunteer judges to talk with students that had similar research interests to review and score the posters. Three head judges made the final decisions for winners and honorable mentions, listed below.

Best Student Poster Award Winners

Julia WesterJulia Wester Poster image
Julia Wester
University of Miami,
Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy

Natalie NelsonNatalie Nelson Poster image
Natalie Nelson
University of Florida,
Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Bobby HensleyBobby Hensley Poster image
Bobby Hensley
University of Florida,
School of Forest Resources and Conservation

Honorable Mention Graduate Student Posters

Stacia Davis
Improving the model for evaluating the efficacy of weather-based irrigation controllers

Wesley Henson
Examining Denitrification in the Upper Floridan Aquifer near Point and Non-point Sources

Jing Hu
Influence of flooding and draining cycles on greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands

Akeapot Srifa
Time-series analyses of relationships between zooplankton biomass and possible controlling environmental factors in a subtropical, nutrient-rich river

Courtney Reijo
Opening the Benthos Box: Assessing stream response to reduced nitrate concentrations