Poster Session and Student Competition Awards
Poster Session

Survey Comment: "There was so many good posters to see and the conversations and networking during the session were great."

A Poster session and reception on Wednesday evening showcased 104 posters presented by faculty, students, water managers, industry professionals and other organizations. See all poster abstracts by topic area by clicking on the topic area below. Student Competition Awards

Survey Comment: "It was great having judges who were experts in your field. Made the interaction and feedback very         valuable and ensured they were able to come by."

During the poster sessions, 64 students from over 9 Universities presented their work and competed for three prizes to fund travel at national and international conferences. We recruited 50 volunteer judges to talk with students that had similar research interests and review their posters.

Top Three Graduate Student Posters

Stuart NortonStuart Norton Poster image
Stuart Norton
University of Florida,
Environmental Engineering
Kofi DalrympleKofi Dalrymple Poster image
Kofi Dalrymple
University of South Florida,
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Becky BlanchardBecky Blanchard Poster image
Becky Blanchard
University of Florida,
Center for Environmental Policy

Honorable Mention Graduate Student Posters

Carbon Pool Dynamics in a Phosphorus-Impacted Wetland (Everglades, FL)
Lisa Gardner
University of Florida, Soil and Water Science

Phreatic Karst Conduit Flood Pulse Modeling
Katrina Koski
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Earth and Environmental Science

Estimating Nonresidential Water Use Within a Water Budget
Miguel Morales
University of Florida, Environmental Engineering Sciences

Targeting Residential Irrigation for Conservation
John Palenchar
University of Florida, Environmental Engineering Sciences

Phosphorus Biogeochemical Model Complexity and Prediction Performance in a Large South Florida Stormwater Treatment Wetland
Rajendra Paudel
University of Florida, Soil and Water Science

Model Evaluation and Climate Variability Application to the Systems Dynamic STELLA© model of the Apalachicola Chattahoochee Flint (ACF) Basin
Nathan Johnson
University of Florida, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Hydrologic Controls on Ecosystem Respiration in the Everglades Ridge-Slough Mosaic
Danielle Watts
University of Florida, School of Natural Resources and Environment